Change your life. change the world.

Let's do it together.


Change your life. change the world.

Let's do it together.


Do you look around at a world that feels chaotic, unstable and imbalanced and wish that it could be different?  It can. And it starts with you.   

Life today can be demanding. We're ambitious women and it seems more difficult than ever to find time for self care and deep nourishment. As a Women's Coach I'm here to help you create a more balanced, fulfilling experience of life within, because that's what creates a more beautiful world out there.

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I work with women who wAnt to be the change.

Living a healthy, satisfying life means you feel good and you have the time, space, energy and capacity to show up for others.  It means that you can be the woman that you're here to be, affect change in your family and community, and enhance this world with your gifts and talents. When you change, the world changes. It starts with you.


You, in your most natural state, have something of great value to offer the world. Maybe you already know what that is. Maybe you have yet to discover it. Maybe you've sensed it but haven't fully experienced it yet. 

When you relax deeply into yourself your essence begins to emerge and take form - it will manifest as relationships, opportunities, experiences, desires and creativity.


The days of self sabotage, poor boundaries, hustling for worthiness, people pleasing and suffering in service to others are over. Now is the time for powerful, self loving women who speak their truth, and lead the way to a brighter future for all.

The new paradigm is here. It's our time, our work of art. We create this world by living and being it. We create this world together.


Get results

I show up for my clients, and they show up for themselves. Together, we go all in to create real change in your body and life. With a foundation of commitment and trust, our sessions are truly magic.

Get results

I show up for my clients, and they show up for themselves. Together, we go all in to create real change in your body and life. With a foundation of commitment and trust, our sessions are truly magic.



"Natalie has a warm, grounded, calming presence, which translates well in her holistic coaching. The beauty of her technique is that she acts as a mirror to her clients, to unveil their own self-knowing, self-love, and empowerment when this vitality ends up buried under the stress, exhaustion, and messiness of life. Her questions were perceptive and guided me through my own tangled mental and emotional constrictions to ultimately provide me with a tangible approach to continuing to nurture myself and my passions in a manner that was best suited to me.

She helped me understand what was happening physiologically in order to explain what I was feeling and why. And more specifically, she helped me to realize that I don't have to travel across the globe to sustain the lifestyle that I most desire. I learned that by being conscious to the way of life that provides me with the most happiness, I can make every effort to shape my present reality accordingly.

Since meeting with Natalie, I have once again found my happy balance, with a better sense of confidence in my capabilities to maintain that harmony. "



"SISTERS! If you are struggling please meet with Natalie! Just one year ago, I was trapped in a life long eating disorder. It manifested itself as anorexia, weeks of overeating, body dysmorphia, anxiety, refraining from going out, jealousy, insecurity etc. At least 80% of my daily thoughts were around food and the way my body looked.

Today, one year later, I can finally say I feel free from that disorder. I am now the type of woman that can eat a monster burrito then go out dancing in a tight dress and end my night confidently. And we barely talked about food in our sessions, instead focusing on the core issues that were causing all this madness.

As we worked through other aspects of my life, my eating disorder slowly just disappeared. I cannot emphasize enough how amazing her work is and how amazing it feels to be held in the safe container that she creates while diving deep into my shadows. I am an empowered, grateful, joyful woman because of Natalie and I could not be more appreciative of our work together. "




"There are many gifts that I can expand upon when I think about my work with Natalie, but I will focus on these two – a willingness to show up in each moment and her ability to hold space for the work in a way that is deeply kind even while she continued to challenge me to let go of my stories and to truly see my choices clearly.

Natalie creates a space that is safe. This, to me, is the most important thing. I would not have been able to open my heart and explore the journey of my soul if I did not feel that  sitting with Natalie was not a safe place to be. The creation of this stems from the fact that she, too, opens herself up to what is happening in each moment that we worked together. Whether examining my struggles around food or delving deep into my growth as a woman – transferring from mother into this next chapter in my own life – the process was not just about me but about her own journey and an exploration of “every woman.”

On a practical/let’s come up with some tangible strategies perspective, Natalie helped me discover a solid foundation around food and nutrition. We talked about what to eat, when to eat and why to eat…simple stuff that is so outside my comfort zone as someone who has struggled with food and an eating disorder for over thirty-five years. But really, it’s not about the food…and so we went deep into who I am and how I value and honor myself to explore why food took on the role of unhealthy coping choice. The work was about becoming worthy. That’s when the food went from foe to friend.

The connection that Natalie and I forged together is that. I can hear her words and see her actions in my minds eye when I am faced with the challenges and everyday occurrences that come up for me even when I am not with her. For this, I am forever grateful."



SELF UNDERstanding.

"I came to Natalie to work on my relationship with food, especially sugar.  I immediately found a trusting environment where I could be open and honest with myself. 

Natalie was able to provide exercises and information that helped me learn more about my motivations for eating and what my triggers were.  She helped me find a healthy balance with food and guided me towards a better understanding of myself. 

I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone interested in health and personal growth. "



" When I had my first session with Natalie, I was undergoing a major transition with my health due to a digestive disorder, and knew I would need to re-evaluate the rather toxic relationship I had developed with food and with my body and self in order to truly work towards finding wellness.  Natalie’s tranquil, welcoming, and empathetic energy told me immediately that I was in the right place for this task.  Over the three months that we worked together, I developed a new vocabulary with which to relate to myself, learned how to lovingly re-connect with my body, and how to ground and balance my thoughts and feelings in that connection.  I’ve begun to appreciate the process of change and growth for what it is, and to have patience with my healing—now both physical and spiritual, thanks to Natalie’s support and wisdom.  She helped to remind me of my long-term goals in life and showed me mindful ways to develop intentions that could move me toward them and aid my growth as a woman.  I have deep gratitude for all of this and more.  Thank you, Natalie! "



"Natalie is a powerful healer. I had the joy of working with her on my nutrition and wellness this year and was so taken with her deep feminine knowing and strong intuition. She is a stand for sisterhood and for women's strength, which she models in the world. You know that this woman has your back. She is grounded and safe, with a deep taproot into the Mother Earth, which she uses to draw up calm and serene graceful energy that she both wields in the world and brings to her clients.

Another thing that I appreciated about Natalie is that she asks the hard questions--with her penetrating and observant blue eyes--and doesn't just play it safe and asks her clients not to either. This kind of energetic challenge and invitation to risk and go deeper, when paired with the nurturing and safe and caring space she provides, is a perfect concoction for growth and transformation when stirred together.

Natalie is also not afraid to be still and quiet or to stay with herself when needed--she isn't performing for her clients and encourages an authentic space, even when it's messy or hard. She has the energetic influence of Kwan Yin, and the ability to bring forth a deeply nourishing and compassionate feminine energy. "