I SUPPORT women to BECOME EMPOWERED, embodied, healthY, passionATE, connectED, & expressED IN THIER LIVES.



Our work together begins with a free 15 minute phone call To get clear on what you want and how I can best support you.


As a certified Eating Psychology Coach, Nutrition Counselor & Holistic Personal Chef I help liberate women from the challenges of poor health, nutritional confusion, overeating, binge eating, restrictive dieting, weight loss, fear of food and negative body image. If you're looking for a greater sense of peace and ease with your food and body learn more about my approach here.

Women's Coaching

How you show up every day - from the foods you eat to the thoughts you think - is impacting your quality of life and determining your future. These moment to moment choices are your key to change.

Now is your time to

• Clear unhealthy habits and beliefs. 

• Get honest about what's holding you back. 

• Know your deep desires and dark shadows. 

• Feel alive in your body. 

• Discover your personal magic and magnetism. 

• Cultivate a life that inspires and excites you. 

I  believe that when you are connected and at ease with yourself, life becomes more rich and beautiful. And when you are living with joy, purpose, pleasure, play, health, sex, meaning, creativity - when you are filled up with the things your heart yearns for - you become a powerful force of inspiration, expression, leadership and evolution in the world.

 "The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day; a movement is only people moving." - Gloria Steinem

It is my mission and purpose, my highest excitement in life, to help you thrive. And when you thrive, the world thrives.

Our work together is a one-on-one immersive experience where we will co-create your clear path to results. It requires commitment, courage, honesty, and a willingness to evolve.

You're ready to work with me if:

• You know deeply that there's something more for you in life, but it feels vague or unattainable.

• You're over the habits and patterns that no longer work for you, but don't know how to stop them.

• You have a strong desire to do something to help people and change the world, but you don't know what or how.

• You've had profound experiences of expanded consciousness or spirituality but struggle to integrate or stay connected to them in your day to day.

• You wish to take the path your heart and intuition are calling you on, but you're afraid or uncertain about what that means.

• You're committed to growing and evolving into the woman you desire to be but you feel blocked, stuck, or don't know what it takes to get there.

This work is not for you if:

• You're looking for someone to fix you or tell you the answers.

• You'd rather stay comfortable than lean into your edges.

• You're unwilling to be challenged on every level of who you are and how you show up in the world.

To get started, contact me below for your free Clarity Call.