Eating Psychology is integral to health and nutrition.

Eating Psychology is a breakthrough modern approach to health and nutrition. As a Certified Eating Psychology Coach I use cutting edge science and mind-body nutrition to help you determine exactly why your diet and exercise aren't working for you. And here's a hint; it's not because you're weak, lazy or incapable. 


I offer one on one Eating Psychology Coaching to address weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood, undesirable eating habits and nagging health concerns. In these sessions I help you get clear on what works for your unique body and life. We'll get to the root of why it's so difficult to consistently follow through with healthy diet and exercise and most importantly you'll cultivate a deeper love and understanding of yourself so you can relax into pleasure, peace and ease with your food and body.


The nutrition industry has spent decades analyzing food down to the molecule, and the result is a hailstorm of conflicting information about what we should and shouldn't eat.

The future of health and nutrition is not just looking for the perfect diet but focuses on You, the eater, and your holistic experience of life instead. 

You are a unique human being and your nutrition, health care and lifestyle need to reflect that. As much as we prioritize our diet and exercise, we must also address our mind, emotions, beliefs and core desires to get fully satisfying results.

I will help you determine the self care and holistic lifestyle that works for you, not just as a body, but as a whole, complex and dynamic person. There are countless variables in life that can affect your body's ability to use calories effectively, heal, regenerate and function optimally, so we'll explore the mental, emotional and physical aspects of what you need to thrive.

My intention is to help you find a natural, easy relationship with your food and body so you can free up time and energy for more creativity, fun, joy, play and love in your life.


The time I spent with you deeply engaged in my healing journey with food was immensely meaningful; it was poignant, yet without drama; it was practical, yet offered many inroads to reflect spiritually on my relationships with myself and with food. There were many aha moments, as well as some moments of resistance that you skillfully and calmly walked me through. I never felt a moment of judgement, but instead felt a freedom to sit in whatever it was I was experiencing at the moment in total acceptance, which, of course, was modeling how to be with myself. So THANK YOU, a thousand times, for your calm, grounded, clear, and gifted way of working with me. I was deeply touched.
— Janice S.